QA Inspection

Endo QA services is composed of fully qualified, trustworthy Quality Control team whom are Garment & Textile specialists within the South East Asian region.

Our Quality Assurance employees are determined to be your eyes, ears and voice in the factories. We are 100% dedicated to your products and have proven again and again to be a valuable and necessary step to ensure on time, defect-free shipments and risk-elimination in shipping final garments.

We identify the problem at the early stages of production, saving you money, time, effort and most importantly, we put your mind at ease throughout the production stage of your goods.

In the long run, our team will grow with your company and adapt to your specific Garment & Textile needs.



Our Quality Assurance service can handle inspections in the following garment production stages:

– Our QA’s communicate all PP preparations and discussions carefully with the relevant factory.

– We conduct IPA/ Inline/ pre-final and Final inspection for orders.

– We audit factory for both Social compliance and product safety.

– We inspect and provide audit service of Yarns & Fabrics.



Endo JSC is flexible in terms of standard reporting formats.

We are familiar with  standard garment systems and use the desired systems of our clients.



Endo QA charges per daily visit not by 1 man-day.

Regardless of the number of inspections, our pricing will remain unchanged.



Currently we are providing inspections in the following countries*:

– Vietnam

– Laos

– Cambodia

– Thailand

*QA inspection are not limited to the countries above.



Dynamite, OJG Group, Carter, Capital, IFG, Ash City ( AB), TCP , Karmin industries and Safe-Sleep


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