About Us

ENDO JSC. offers exceptional garment manufacturing services for hotels, resorts, golf courses, retail lines and corporate clients.

We provide premium quality clothing and giftware that caters to your needs, from polos and hoodies to leather products such as keychains, card holders and menu covers, all manufactured in Vietnam. Our focus is to ease communication between international buyers and the local factories. We have been dedicated to source appropriate factories for our clients, as well as coaching the factories to keep up to date with new and effective factory management systems.

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Endo has over 20 years experience in the Vietnam market. With offices in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh and Vientiane, ENDO has an extensive regional network to serve you as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our experienced and multicultural team is composed of over 60 professionals that work in sales, merchandisers, quality assurance & control,  logistics, compliance,  sewing and designing. Endo is your one stop shop for all garment related products. We guide you through the different steps from the idea to conceptualization, production and delivery.

Our niche experience in the garment sector in South East Asia, and flexible pricing is our competitive advantage. In addition, our dedication to providing superior and continuously improving customer service, allows us to create long lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. We understand the local community’s though process and are well informed of the local scene, thus we are able to provide you with a wide range of products & factory backgrounds.

We have worked with most factories throughout Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and already have a straight-forward working relationship that gives us the opportunity to offer more flexibility and competitive pricing.

  • Garment & Merchandise manufacturing
  • Vietnamese Factory Partnership
  • 3rd Party Quality Assessment Services

We ensure the highest quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer service. We accept nothing less than 100% satisfaction for our customers.

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